Needlework crazy

Welcome to my needlework blog

Hello and welcome! The goal of this blog is to share my passion about needlework.

I learnt to crochet at about 8 years old from my mom's friend, who happened to be blind. Although now I realize how amazing that was, at the time I thought this was the most normal thing in the world... The first thing she taught me was how to do a granny square. The final product was a pot holder. Too bad I don't have it anymore... I wish I could show it here.

Then I learnt to knit at about 15 years old. I liked it so much that I used to spend my summers at the knitting store where you could sit, knit and chat with all the other ladies.

Later on I discovered embroidery and I fell in love with cross stitch. At the time my children were pretty young so I did many pieces for them as you can see in the cross stitch page.

Slowly I was introduced to other forms of embroidery, including the one known as hardanger, which I think is really elegant. I have done mostly small hardanger projects, either ornaments or doilies for the tables around the house.

So come on in! Everything you will see are finished projects that I have done. I hope you get inspired by what you can find here.

At the bottom of the page you can find external links to needlework stores, patterns websites and others of interest to the needlework fan.